carlton fieldstone faux panel

Faux Rock, Stone & Brick Panels Remodeling Made Easy

Carlton faux panels mimic the look of handcut stone and brick, without all the cost and hassle. Choose from Ledgestone, Cobblestone, Brick and more. 【Get Price】

Advanced Rock Technologies? - Faux Rock, Stone and Brick

Advanced Rock Technologies? uses state-of-the-art polyurethane chemistry to create faux rock veneers used on our simulated faux rock panels, stone panels, 【Get Price】

Stone Veneer Panels and Siding The Look of Real - Faux Panels

Stone veneer panels and siding add the look of natural stone to interiors or exteriors, while saving you time, money and effort. See photos, testimonials. 【Get Price】

Fieldstone Veneer Panels Old New England Style for - Faux Panels

Description of Carlton Fieldstone Desert Sky Panel: With a large variety of color choices available, Carlton Fieldstone veneer panels offer a wide range of design 【Get Price】

Cobblestone Wall Panels Add Timeless Stone Look - Faux Panels

Description of Carlton Cobblestone Summer Tan Panel: Rough textures, natural tones and rugged interlocking of thick cobblestone slabs it's a timeless 【Get Price】

Wall Paneling Save Time, Money With Faux Brick & Stone

Browse our wall paneling options including various faux brick and stone styles. Each panel is made of sturdy Carlton Fieldstone Panels — 47 ?" × 33" × 1 ?" 【Get Price】

Fieldstone Wall Panels and Home Siding Natural Style - Faux Panels

Fieldstone wall panels and siding are inexpensive and easy solutions to infuse warmth and originality into a Carlton Fieldstone Panels — 47 ?" × 33" × 1 ?" 【Get Price】

Carlton Brick Wall Panel Sturdy, Reliable and Inviting - Faux Panels

Rock / Stone Description of Carlton Brick Bordeaux Panel: The Carlton Brick wall panel is the perfect marriage of solid design and delicate, natural shading. 【Get Price】

Interior/Exterior Designs with Carlton Panels See - Faux Panels

See photos of the interior and exterior design projects completed with Carlton panels and columns for home and business. Stone, rock and brick styles. 【Get Price】